The Un-Wrecking Crew Walking

Un-Wreck the Future

Hundreds of young people across the United States and Canada have submitted entries to become part of the brand’s ‘Un-Wrecking Crew’.

Meet the First Members of the MadeGood® "Un-Wrecking Crew"

Un-Wreck the Future

Over the past two months, hundreds of young people across the United States and Canada have submitted both written and video entries to become part of the brand’s ‘Un-Wrecking Crew’ highlighting their efforts to reduce food insecurity in their communities. These individuals have been selected based on the focus on their initiatives, the impact they make, and the quality of their presentations.

Introducing the first series of changemakers to join the 2021 Un-Wrecking Crew;

  • Addison G., Austin, Texas
  • Andy O., Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Chander P., Williamstown, Massachusetts
  • Desiree W., Mississauga, Ontario
  • Erin N., Richmond, Virginia
  • Esha and Shreyaa V., Ashburn, Virginia
  • Hannah C., White River Junction, Vermont
  • Jack G., Duluth, Georgia
  • Jill D., White Lake, Michigan
  • Karina S., Coral Springs, Florida
  • Marjorie D., Vista, California
  • Maxwell S., Needham, Massachusetts
  • Nikolas J., Oshawa, Ontario
  • Shannon S., Sudbury, Ontario
  • William D., Cincinnati, Ohio

Meet the members of the MadeGood® "Un-Wrecking Crew"

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MadeGood® wants to change all that by supporting young activists just like you to “Un-Wreck the Future” one idea at a time. Submit the causes and events you find most important and together we can work towards helping combat food insecurity.

Applicants will have the opportunity to make an immediate, direct impact in their local community by highlighting events and organizations that would benefit from receiving product donations from MadeGood®.

Meet the First Members of the "Un-Wrecking Crew"

Canadian Ambassadors

Name: Jonathan "Bear" Yeung

Location: West Vancouver, BC


Over a year into the pandemic Jonathan “Bear” Yeung stayed vigilant to help deliver healthy snacks and electrolyte drinks to the front-line workers at his local hospital. These “missions,” as he calls them, are part of a string of initiatives spearheaded by the preteen philanthropist who has raised tens of thousands of dollars and sourced useful gifts to help local causes over the past four years.

Jonathan inspired others and local businesses to help with his successful fundraiser that brought snacks to frontline workers at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver at the beginning of the pandemic.

Name: Rachel Parent

Age: 22

Organization: Kids Right to Know

Location: Toronto, ON


In 2012, Rachel founded Kids Right to Know, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating youth, about the connection between food production and climate change, with a focus and transparency in the labelling of Genetically Modified Food in Canada and the USA.

American Ambassadors

Name: Sophie Bernstein

Organization: Grow Healthy / volunTEENnation

Location: St. Louis, MO


Sophie Bernstein of St. Louis, MO, is the founder of Grow Healthy, an initiative that provides helps low-income communities access healthy, organic produce by building raised vegetable gardens and hosting food drives.

Volunteering and service is a key part of her family life. Her father, Navy Reserves Capt. Brad Bernstein, was deployed after 9/11 and instilled the values of service and commitment to fostering positive change in her community. Sophie wanted to give back to her community in a way that she was passionate about, so over eight years ago, Sophie built her own vegetable garden and donated the harvest to area food banks.

Name: Ian McKenna

Age: 17

Organization: Ian's Giving Garden

Location: Austin, TX


Ian McKenna, 17 years old, is from Austin, TX. Ian is a youth hunger advocate and a certified Master Gardener. In addition to leading Ian's Giving Garden, he works with No Kid Hungry as a youth ambassador and Katie's Krops where he serves on their Board of Directors.

Ian has been recognized for his commitment to end hunger, a passion that began when he was 8 years old as a student at Oak Hill Elementary School.